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Sycos latest  Arinc-429 PMC module is a move away from it’s traditional dedicated I/O products with the introduction of on-board PowerQUICC III  PowerPC processors. This first release employs the Freescale MPC8548E PowerPC processor, supported by gigabit ethernet, RS232, 64Mbytes of Flash, 2Gbytes of DDR2 SDRAM and Real Time Clock. This product is employed exclusively in the EADS Military Aircraft AIDASS Test Support System.


The Sy429PrPMC-RT32E can be installed on a Sycos PCI-PMC carrier card or a VME-64 PMC caddy and PIM, as shown in the supporting image, to provide 64 channels of Arinc-429. Arinc I/O is from a 68pin SCSI connector on the front panel. Gigabit Ethernet and RS232 ports are supplied on the appropriate caddy. The product is supported with Windows, Linux and VxWorks drivers and VxWorks v6.8 Board Support Package.



Sycos continues to expand it’s PMC product line with the introduction of an Arinc-629 interface that offers a transmitter and full bus monitor in a single width PMC. The design is based upon a well established product from Sycos’ VMEbus cards, with XPP, RPP and switchable data buffers implemented in embedded SRAM and 16 dedicated SRAM Cyclic Buffers for 32-bit data loads from/to PCI bus implemented in 256Kbytes of fast SRAM.


Arinc-629 connection, +/-15v supply and Pseudo Bus connection are through LEMO connectors on the front panel. Other I/Os are routed to the PMC I/O connector.


The Sy629PMC-BP-M card can be installed on a Sycos PCI-PMC carrier card, or on a VME-64 PMC caddy to give two Arinc-629 bus connections.



The Sy629PMC-M-CMC card provides the equivalent of one Arinc-629 bus with 5 stub cable connections. The card requires no configuration. Although the card is mechanically compliant to PMC, it does not communicate with PCI bus but simply exploits the power supplies provided on the PMC connectors. Provision is made to cascade cards to extend the number of stub cable connections  to 10, 15, 20 etc.  This card is particularly effective in systems that support Boeing 777 full flight simulators, where multiple buses and many stub cable connections are required.


Two further PMC products are in development:


•  Sy629PMC-BPE

   fault generation and detection (firmware upgrade to Sy629PMC-BPM card)


•  Sy629PMC-BPT

                Multi-Terminal-Emulation. Up to 120 ARINC-629 Terminals in a single PMC module.


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