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ARINC 629 to VME Interface,.
Multi-Terminal Emulation.
Error Detect Module.
Basic and Combined Protocol:.
Tx & Bus Monitor.
Multi-Current Mode Coupler.
Basic Protocol:.
Tx & Bus Monitor.

- Uses Dual DATAC chip

- Direct access to XPP & RPP

- Basic Protocol & Combined Protocol

- Block & Independent Modes

- Multiple Dual Data Buffers

- High Resolution System Timer

- Cyclic Redundancy Checking (CRC)

- Multiple Channel facility

- Multiple Protocol facility

- Bus Monitoring including:

- Label & Extension

- Time stamping

- Error Status

- Word & Word-String Count

- External Timer Clock input

- Daughter Board fit to Sy629VME-   BP-M




The Sy629VME-CPM card provides a convenient means for monitoring ARINC 629 bus traffic, while transmitting and receiving data in accordance with programme data written into the XPP and RPP personality memory.


The design provides the capability to transmit messages under Basic Protocol (BP) or Combined Protocol (CP). This is achieved using two terminal controllers, one handling the periodic messages associated with Basic Protocol and the second terminal controller handling the aperiodic messages associated with Combined Protocol. This card is a module fit to the Sy629VME-BPM and therefore includes many of the features associated with full bus monitoring.


The use of the recognised DATAC chip ensures full compliance with ARINC 629 specification with Basic Protocol (BP).


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