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ARINC 629 to VME Interface,.
Multi-Terminal Emulation.
Error Detect Module.
Basic and Combined Protocol:.
Tx & Bus Monitor.
Multi-Current Mode Coupler.
Basic Protocol:.
Tx & Bus Monitor.

- Uses Single DATAC chip

- 120 ARINC 629 Terminals

- Dynamic Terminal Insert & Delete

- Basic Protocol Preserved

- Full ARINC 629 Bus Monitoring

- Direct Access to XPP & RPP

- Block & Independent Modes

- Cyclic Redundancy Checking (CRC)

- Primary and Alternate Schedules

- Refresh Counter Support

- Multiple Dual Data Buffers

- On Board Digital Signal Processor




The Sy629VME-BPT card is an ARINC 629 to VMEbus interface packaged in a standard 6U, single slot format and provides a cost effective means for emulating up to 120 ARINC 629 Terminals, transmission and reception, with full data bus monitoring, through a single connection to the ARINC-629 data bus.


With a single connection to an ARINC 629 data bus, the card provides facilities to add and delete terminals to/from the bus 'on-the-fly', whilst preserving the protocol. Emulated terminals compete with true terminals for bus access, in accordance with Basic Protocol. Important features such as refresh counter support and CRC checking are embedded in the design.


The features and facilities of the Sy629VME-BPM card are embodied within the design of this product, making it a most comprehensive facility for most applications using Basic Protocol.


The product is well established and is supporting many commercial, in-service, Boeing 777 full flight simulators.


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