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ARINC 561 to VME Interface with:.
2 Tx, 2 Rx Channels.

- High Integrity

- 2 Receive Channels

- 2 Transmit Channels

- Loop-back Test Mode

- Versatile Interrupt Facility

- VMEbus interface A24, D16

- 256 ARINC word deep FIFO Buffer   per Tx Channel

- Dual Port Rx Data Buffer addressed   by Channel & Label

- Supports ARINC 568, ARINC 571   and ARINC 582

Arinc 561

The Sy561VME-22 card is a high performance 6-Wire ARINC 561 to VMEbus interface providing 2 transmit and 2 receive channels, each capable of concurrently transferring data at rates between 4k bits/s and 125k bits/s.


This high performance with 4 communication channels is achieved through the use of hardwired logic, which responds rapidly to system events, manages data transfers to and from the on board memory and provides continuous status information and host interrupts when needed.


The card is programmed by the host processor via a few directly addressable control registers. Once set up, the host processor need only write transmit data to the board and, when required, read received data addressed by channel, label and SDI.


A hardware facility for converting binary to BCD is provided to assist with ARINC 561 data formatting. Conversion is achieved by a simple write/read procedure.

A 32 bit timer is provided with a user selectable resolution down to 10 µ s.


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