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Home > ARINC 429 Products > VME Products > 16 Tx, 2 Rx Channels
- 2 Receive Channels
- 16 Transmit Channels
- 3.9 to 167KHz bit rate, software selectable
- Fault Insertion Facility
- Loop-back Test Mode
- Versatile Interrupt Facility
- VMEbus interface A24, D16 or D32 option
- 256 ARINC word deep FIFO Buffer per Tx Channel
- Choice of VME-D16 or VME-D32

Occupying a single slot in a VME chassis, the Sy429VME-T16 card offers easy to use, high performance, VME interfacing to 2 Rx and 16 Tx ARINC-429 channels. The card is ARINC-429 and ARINC-575 compatible. The 32-bit VME version is shown, but the original 16-bit data version is also available.


Each transmit and receive channel is individually software configured by writing data to a control register. This provides a choice of 125 separate data rates between 3.9k and 167k bits/second.


The card is programmed by the host processor via a few directly addressable control registers. Once set up, the host processor need only write transmit data to the board and, when required, read received data from a 2k ARINC word deep FIFO buffer.


Errors of the following type can be inserted into transmissions:


- Parity error

- Gap error

- +/- 1 bit error



Data Sheet.
ARINC 429 to VME Interface with:.
8 Tx, 8 Rx Channels.
16 Tx, 2 Rx Channels.
16 Tx, 16 Rx Channels.
4 Tx, 8 Rx Channels.
4 Tx, 48 Rx Channels.
3U Card with:.
2 Tx, 4 Rx Channels.
2 Tx, 6 Rx Channels.
Williamsburg Protocol with:.
Conduction Cooled.
32 Tx, 32 Rx Channels.
2 Tx, 8 Rx Channels.