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PXI System.

VME System for Flight Simulator Support


The system shown here was developed in support of Boeing 777 full flight simulators. The system comprises:


•  4 x Sy629VME-BPT cards

•  4 x Sy629PMC-M-CMC cards

•  1 x Core i7 processor card

•  2 x PMC carrier cards

•  1 x VME64x 8-slot chassis

•  Windows 7 (32-bit) OS




The Sy629VME-BPT card is at the heart of the system. It’s ability to emulate 120 terminals communicating through one physical connection provides the user a facility to simulate all those terminals that are not physically present in the simulator, thereby saving substantially in the costs of building a simulator. The Sy629PMC-M-CMC card enables communication with other Arinc-629 terminals in the simulator, without having Current Mode Couplers and Bus Cables. Each of these PMC modules represents a bus and 5 connections and is a very convenient mechanism through which all Arinc-629 communications are channelled. The user simply connects stub cables from Arinc-629 terminals directly into the Multi-Coupler Card, which needs no configuration to operate.



ARINC 629 VME System