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Sycos’ range of Arinc-429 PMC modules provide the user with a choice of four configurations to match most channel mix requirements from 32Tx to 32Rx, with one model that is channel configurable as either Tx or Rx. Sycos range of Arinc-429 PMC interfaces supports major Military Aircraft Test benches, which are currently being upgraded with Sycos latest PowerPC product, along with many other test bench and development programs.

All configurations are supported with Windows, Linux and VxWorks drivers and Board Support Package (BSP).
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ARINC 429 Products

The Sy429PrPMC-RT32E provides the user with a powerful interface between PMC and up to 32 channels of Arinc-429. The PowerQUICC III MPC8548E PowerPC on-board processor, with its 2GB of DDR2 memory, 64MB of NOR Flash, two Gigabit Ethernet and two RS232 ports and Real Time Clock provide the user with a completely autonomous Arinc-429 communication system. The product is fully supported with Windows and VxWorks drivers and Board Support Package (BSP).

The Sy429PrPMC-RT32E card has been chose by an important European client in support of a MilitaryTest System upgrade program and other prestigious projects.
The Sy429VME-RT32 provides the user with an interface between VMEbus and up to 32 channels of Arinc-429. Configurations from 4Tx/4Rx through to 16Tx/16Rx are available, with easy maintenance through user installable driver and receiver modules.

The Sy429VME-RT32 is probably the most widely used Arinc-429 interface to VMEbus in the industry, with many test benches, simulators and development programs supported around the globe. The current model is the fifth generation of the design, which first came into service in 1991 in support of the Boeing 777 aircraft avionics development.