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ARINC Communication Systems

Sycos products are supporting many commercial aircraft avionics test, development and simulator systems around the globe. Our primary focus is development and supply of interfaces between commercial aircraft data buses and a variety of host computers including VME, PCI, PCIe, PMC, CompactPCI, PXI and PXIe. However, Sycos can also supply systems comprising a mixture of proprietary products and dedicated processor cards in support of avionics test benches and simulators. Sycos’ expanding range of PMC modules allows a user the choice of many different platforms, supported by drivers and API for Windows, Linux and VxWorks.

Commercial aircraft data buses supported include ARINC-429, ARINC-575, ARINC-561, ARINC-568, ARINC-571, ARINC-582 and ARINC-629. Both 2-wire and 6-wire avionics data buses are supported.

Although Sycos product development is primarily focused on the commercial aircraft avionics market, we are proud to report that Sycos Conduction Cooled PMC is installed in the Air Re-fuelling Boom Computer System (ARBCCS) of Airbus A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport Aircraft (MRTT), portrayed here.

Sycos ARINC-429 VME and VSB interfaces have been supporting avionics test benches in Boeing Commercial Airplane, Seattle since 1992. The new Boeing 777x development is employing many of Sycos products in test benches and simulators. In particular, a new Bus Analyzer for the Boeing 777x is using Sycos ARINC-629 Interface to PCI Express, a product that can represent up to 120 terminals communicating on the ARINC-629 bus. Indeed, Sycos has the widest range of modern ARINC-629 interface products in the market place.

Airbus A330 MRTT